With only 4 days of preparation and a few bunch of riders we managed with our first logout in TBN to disturb Deliveroo’s service for 2 hours in that zone!


More than half of the riders in TBN participated, and we showed that it is possible to put pressure on Deliveroo and disturb their service to make them listen to us, it just requires riders’ will to act together!

So let’s unite and put more pressure in other zones as well and make sure Deliveroo answers our demands!

Riders in other countries have forced Deliveroo to listen to them by logging out,  we can do it too!


If you want to participate in our next action, have comments/ideas on how to continue the struggle, come and join our next meeting on Monday 6 August, at 3pm at Cafe Kotti, Adalbertstr. 96, 10999 Berlin, Kreuzberg.

More info of the log out and our demands